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National Policy – Volunteering Action Plan

Volunteers have a key role in the delivery of many services to Scotland’s population at all life-stages, as well as supporting community connection and conserving Scotland’s natural, historical, and cultural assets.

Many voluntary and public sector organisations are reliant on the contribution of volunteers to support their work, whilst the vibrancy of local communities is dependent upon individuals volunteering informally. This spectrum of volunteers is the heartbeat of Scotland.

However, the vital role of volunteering is often taken for granted and is consequently underrepresented at a strategic level. More work is needed, especially around partnership development and policy impact, if we are to maximise its potential and ensure it is inclusive for all.

The Volunteering Action Plan acknowledges the cross-cutting value of volunteering. It builds upon Volunteering for All: The National Framework and is mapped to Scotland’s National Outcomes.

To read the Volunteering Action Plan in full, please click here

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