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Please ensure that you read our privacy statement before continuing.

If the application is in the name of a corporate body, please give the name of the individual who will act as its representative.
I wish to apply for membership of the Volunteer Centre Western Isles SCIO. I have read the conditions of membership and agree to comply with them and to be bound by the SCIO’s constitution. I agree to act in good faith at all times to ensure that the SCIO acts in a manner that is consistent with its purposes and to act in the best interests of the SCIO.
I am willing to be nominated to serve as a trustee of the SCIO and to so serve if elected.

Privacy Statement

  • This registration form asks for your consent to allow us to use your personal data for the reasons stated below. You should only complete it, select the consent ‘tick box’ and sign it if you want to give us your consent.
  • Who are we? The name of the organisation asking you for consent to use your information is Volunteer Centre Western Isles, a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).
  • We would like to use the following information about you: Name; address; telephone number; mobile phone number and email address.
  • Why would we like to use your information? We will use this information to keep in contact with you about the work of the VCWI and inform you of members meetings.
  • What will we do with your information? Your data will not be shared with third parties, except where you give us permission to do so. This information may be shared with our trustees, but other members may only see your name if requested.
  • How to withdraw your consent and membership: You can withdraw the consent you give in this registration form at any time. You can do this by contacting Volunteer Centre Western Isles at or 01851700366. Removing your data will withdraw your membership.

For more information, please contact us as above.

For full details of membership, please read the constitution of the VCWI. The following is an extract:

Membership shall be open to:

  1. Ordinary Members: any individuals aged 16 and over who are volunteer engagers, volunteer support groups, individuals and organisations who have an interest in the organisation and are resident or work within the Western Isles area.
  2. Junior Members: any individual aged between 12 and 15 who are ordinarily resident in the Western Isles and who subscribes to the charitable purposes of the organisation. Junior Members are neither eligible to stand for election to the board nor to vote at any members’ meeting.
  3. Associate Members: any individual or local business who has an interest in the organisation and who supports the charitable purposes of the organisation. Associate members do not have the right to vote at meetings.
  4. Where the member is an organisation or body corporate an individual should be nominated to represent the organisation/body corporate. In the case of Public Sector Organisations, there may be more than one representative, as agreed by the organisation and Trustees.

Process for Membership:

  1. Any person who wishes to become a member must submit an application for membership along with a remittance to meet any annual membership subscription.
  2. The Board may not, unless there are reasonable grounds to do so, refuse to admit any person, to membership.
  3. The Board shall confirm each application for membership at the first board meeting which is held after receipt of the application and payment.
  4. No membership subscription will be payable; however, members are required to re-register annually.

Conduct of Members

  1. Members should act in good faith at all times to ensure that the SCIO acts in a manner that is consistent with its purposes.
  2. Members must act in the best interests of the SCIO.