Saltire Awards for 12-25yr olds

The Saltire Awards are the new Scottish awards designed to formally recognise the commitment and contribution of youth volunteering to voluntary organisations. Supported by the Scottish Government the Saltire Awards enable young volunteers to record the skills, experience and learning gained through successful volunteering placements.

The Awards are split in to four sections –

  1. The Challenge: Saltire Challenges are set up by voluntary organisations, schools and youth development workers. A challenge normally consists of a day’s worth of volunteering taking part in activities such as beach clean ups, gardening projects, regeneration projects and loads more. After completing a Saltire Challenge you will be issued with a Saltire Challenge certificate. Volunteering hours from a Saltire Challenge can be used towards either the Approach or the Ascent awards. The Approach, The Ascent and The Summit and achievement is recognised in the form of Saltire Award certificates and Young Scot reward points.
  2. The approach: The Approach is designed to introduce you to more regular volunteering in manageable chunks. It gives you the chance to choose where you would like to volunteer and it helps you to find out what type of volunteering you’re interested in. Through your placements you can discover what your skills and strengths are. You’ll receive a certificate for completing 10 and 25 hours of volunteering as well as Young Scot Reward Points.
  3. The ascent: While you are making a more sustained contribution to volunteering, you will need to keep track of all the volunteering hours you do. When your total volunteering hours reach 50, 100, 200 or 500 hours you can claim an Ascent Award.
  4. The Summit is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering. It is awarded to recognise those who have not only completed 200 hours but have exceeded expectations. Volunteers must be nominated for the Award by the organisation they volunteer with, their school, college or local development worker.

Please note that from April 2012 the Saltire Award has replaced the MV Award. if you are part way through your MV award please contact a member of staff at the Volunteer Centre.



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