The Top 10 Reasons Why Volunteers Leave Unexpectedly

Download this as a printable PDF: Ten Reasons Volunteers Leave (PDF)

Reason no. 10

The reality of their experience was not what they expected when they signed on.

Reason no. 9

Employees treated them as an interruption, not as welcome (and anticipated) help.

Reason no. 8

Veteran long term volunteers wouldn’t let them into their “insider” group.

Reason no. 7

They did not see the connection between one day’s work and another.

Reason no. 6

They did not know how to tell you they wanted to leave.

Reason no. 5

They made a suggestion that was not acted on, or responded to.

Reason no. 4

The atmosphere was impersonal, tense or cold.

Reason no. 3

The physical environment did not support their efforts.

Reason no. 2

No one smiled at them.

Reason no. 1

They were underutilised.

© South Dublin County Volunteer Centre – 2001

Adapted from “Managing Volunteers a step by step guide” by South Dublin County Volunteer Centre


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