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Creating a Positive Induction

VolunteerWiki article on Volunteer Induction can be read here: Creating a positive induction (PDF) Why is an induction important? An induction is a way to introduce a new volunteer to your organisation. This helps them feel part of the team and helps you make sure they have all the information they need to have a great experience. How should I deliver ...
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Drafting an Equal Opportunities Policy and Equalities Action Plan

These notes set out the key things you need to think about and decide on when you are drafting a new (see sample policy) or revised Equal Opportunities (EO) Policy. It also provides guidance on putting the policy into action through an Equalities Action Plan and shows a model Action Plan. Every care has been taken to ensure the information ...
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Delivering Equality and Diversity

VolunteerWiki article on Equality & Diversity can be read here: Delivering equality and diversity (PDF) Every year Acas helps employers and employees from thousands of workplaces. That means we keep right up to date with today’s employment relations issues – such as discipline and grievance handling, preventing discrimination and communicating effectively in workplaces. Make the most of our practical experience for ...
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Volunteer Equality and Diversity

VolunteerWiki on Equality & Diversity can be read here: Volunteer Equality and Diversity (PDF) What do we mean by equality and diversity? Equality does not mean ‘everybody being the same’. It is about recognising that individual volunteers are different yet treating all with an equal level of respect and ensuring equal access to opportunities, education and training, goods, services and facilities ...
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Matching the Right Volunteer the Right Role

Why is the matching process so important? Volunteering is a two-way process. The volunteer needs to decide if your organisation and the role is right for them, and you need to decide if they’re right for the role. It would be disappointing to go through all the hard work to get the volunteer ready to then to find out that’s ...
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