Coming Out of Lockdown – Advice and Guidance for Third Sector Organisations

Managing risk

As lockdown begins to ease in Scotland, managing risk is vital. Your organisation should already have a risk register and a proactive approach to risk management, but you will need to re-evaluate this given the scale of the coronavirus pandemic. With all risks the key is to identify, evaluate, manage, record and review.

Key operational risks to consider as lockdown eases are safeguarding beneficiaries, continuity of service provision, and staff and volunteers returning to premises. Other potential risks also include strategic, finance and funding, economic, legal and regulatory.

There is much uncertainty about the future so you need to be as prepared as possible. Think carefully of the implications of different scenarios, and factor these into your future planning. Risks can be linked, and have a ‘domino’ effect, so you need to proactively monitor and review your risk register and watch out for key indicators of change. Trustees should meet regularly and be provided with full up to date information to inform their decision making.

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